Call for Papers: Imagining the Nineties - International conference

Università di Basilea, Università di Nizhnij Novgorod

30 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the time has come to historicize the 1990s and their conceptualizations. Rarely has there been a period marked by such contradictory and multi-coded framings as the first post-Soviet decade: Viewed both as a time of troubles (”лихие 90-е”) as well as a time of absolute freedom, as a period of global disorientation and crisis as well as one of new hopes and opportunities, the post-Soviet 1990s form a perfect example of what Jury Lotman called a “взрыв” (“explosion”). While many studies have examined the political, social and economic transformations in the post-Soviet realm, little attention has been paid to the images that this crucial decade generated in the arts. This is all the more surprising given that literature, film, theatre, music and other artistic manifestations are likely to provide the most complex and multilayered insights into this time and its diverse representations. In this conference, we want to investigate the 90s, on the one hand, as a time of wide-ranging artistic transformations and, on the other hand, as a topos created in (later) narratives and artistic imaginations.

Please submit your abstract (up to 600 words), together with a short CV and your contact details to Anna Hodel ( and Gunnar Lenz ( by October 31th 2021. The conference will be held online. Conference languages are English and Russian. The results of the conference are planned to be published in the form of an edited book. Next to presentations, we will organize a couple of roundtables to bring different scholars in a dialogue, as well as to integrate the competences, perspectives and methods of artists and writers.

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