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Bandi e Call for Papers

Call for Papers per il 6° numero della rivista "AvtobiografiЯ. Journal on Life Writing and the Representation of the Self in Russian Culture"

The international, peer-reviewed and open access journal «AvtobiografiЯ. Journal on Life Writing and the Representation of the Self in Russian Culture» is now accepting submissions for its sixth issue, which is due in 2017. The journal welcomes contributions on any topic related to Life Writing and Auto-Biography and related genres in Russian literature, history, art and culture. The editors are particularly keen to theoretical and interdisciplinary articles, and welcome contributions about other Slavonic cultures.
«AvtobiografiЯ» is a journal devoted to the works that deal with the representation of the self in Russian culture. Its Advisory and Editorial Board are comprised of internationally renowned scholars in the field of Russian Studies. The journal has published four issues so far.
The fifth 2016 issue will be published in a few days. It will contain a special section on the biography of a writer featuring articles by Violetta Gudkova, Valerii Tiupa, Ol'ga Bogdanova, Elena Pogorel'skaia and Nina Malygina. It will also have an article by Mikhail Velizhev, and two special contributions: one by Angela Brintlinger on her experience as a Russian biography scholar, and one by the novelist Elena Kostioukovitch on the auto-biographical elements in her novel Zwinger.

Proposals must be sent to the address: . All necessary information, including style notes and submission guidelines, are on the journal's website.

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 30 Aprile 2017

5th World Conference on pluricentric Languages and their non-dominant Varieties: Models of Pluricentricity: Nation, Space and language

Data: 13-15 Luglio 2017
Luogo: Mainz
Organizzatore: International Working Group on Non-Dominant Varieties of Pluricentric Languages (WGNDV)

We would like to invite scholars from around the world to participate in the 5th conference organized by the Working Group on Non-Dominant Varieties of Pluricentric Languages (WGNDV). The conference will take place for the very first time in Germany, at Johannes Gutenberg University/Mainz. The conference is – as the four previous ones - devoted to the description of pluricentric languages and in particular of non-dominant national varieties of plc. languages and continues its work set up by the concepts outlined in Kloss (1951/1978) and in particular by Clyne (1992). The WGNDV focuses on the promotion of the theory of plc. languages by its worldwide perspective and on varieties that are small by the number of their speakers and their symbolic power, and are not the primary norm-setting centres of the language. They may often be falsely attributed the status of a "dialect", and often have little or no codification of their norms. The previous conferences of the WGNDV (see … conferences) have shown that non-dominant varieties around the world have many linguistic and sociolinguistic features in common. We would therefore like to deepen our knowledge and invite scholars from around the world to take part in the conference and give insight into the situation and features of as many ndvarieties and plc. languages as possible.

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 28 Febbraio 2017

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Call for Papers per la conferenza internazionale "Русская грамматика: описание, преподавание, тестирование"

Data: 5-7 Giugno 2017
Luogo: Helsinki
Organizzatore: Università di Helsinki, Cattedra di lingua e letteratura russa

Приглашаем вас принять участие в международной конференции «Русская грамматика: описание, преподавание, тестирование», которую организует кафедра русского языка и литературы Хельсинкского университета 5–7 июня 2017 года. Конференция проводится под эгидой МАПРЯЛ.
Примерный круг тем, которые планируется обсудить на конференции:

  • различные аспекты грамматики и функционирования современного русского языка,
  • количественные и экспериментальные методы в описании русской грамматики,
  • различные теоретические подходы к описанию русской грамматики,
  • русская грамматика в сравнительно-типологическом аспекте,
  • грамматика устной и письменной речи,
  • история и тенденции развития русского языка,
  • усвоение русского языка детьми,
  • русский язык ближнего и дальнего зарубежья: грамматические и социолингвистические аспекты,
  • преподавание русского языка как родного и как иностранного,
  • использование современных технологий в изучении и преподавании русского языка.

Per informazioni:

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 31 Gennaio 2017

Diachronic Slavonic Syntax 3: Traces of Latin, Greek and Church Slavonic in Slavonic Syntax

Data: 3-4 Novembre 2017
Luogo: Salisburgo
Organizzatore: University of Salzburg, Department of Slavonic Studies; Innsbruck University, Department of Slavonic Studies

The Department of Slavonic Studies, University of Salzburg, Austria, in cooperation with the Department of Slavonic Studies, Innsbruck University, Austria, will host a two-day workshop on diachronic Slavonic syntax, with special reference to the traces of Latin, Greek and Church Slavonic in Slavonic syntax. The workshop is part of the workshop series "Diachronic Slavonic Syntax (DSSL)".
The workshop is dedicated to the study of the causes and mechanisms of syntactic change in Slavonic languages, with a special focus on pattern replications in literacy contact with Latin, Greek and Old Church Slavonic. The aim is to promote recent developments in the field, be it empirical, theoretical or methodological, as well as the dialogue between different theoretical approaches and linguistic schools.
The conference will feature keynote speeches by Hanne Martine Eckhoff (The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø) and Anna Abramovna Pičxadze (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow).
The workshop welcomes presentations including the following topics:

  • pattern replication in literacy contact
  • syntactic change under contact conditions in Slavonic: structural convergence, borrowing and shift-induced interference
  • the relation of internally motivated and literacy contact induced syntactic change in Slavonic
  • interplay of and differences between literacy contact and face-to-face contact in Slavonic syntax

We especially welcome empirical contributions based on data from diachronic corpora. Conference languages are English and Russian. Selected papers from the conference will be published in a conference volume.
Per informazioni:

  • Imke Mendoza (Salzburg University)
  • Sandra Birzer (Innsbruck University)

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 1 Febbraio 2017

Paul Celan Fellowships 2017/2018 for translators

The program supports translations of canonical texts, contemporary key works in the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies from Eastern to Western European languages or vice versa, or between two Eastern European languages. Special emphasis is put on translations of relevant works written by East European authors and/or female scholars. No applications for works of fiction and poetry are being accepted.
Fellows will spend 3 – 6 months between July 2017 and June 2018 at the IWM in Vienna and receive a monthly stipend of EUR 2,050 to cover all expenses related to the stay in Vienna. The IWM provides fellows with an office incl. access to internet, in-house research and administrative facilities as well as other services free of charge.
Further details and online application:

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 6 Febbraio 2017

Bando dell'ottava edizione del premio letterario italo-russo per giovani autori e traduttori "Raduga"

Il Premio Raduga è un'iniziativa dedicata alla promozione di giovani narratori e traduttori, sia russi che italiani. Nasce dalla convinzione che vi sia sempre più bisogno di autori che – aprendosi alle mobili strutture del racconto – si pongano in sintonia con il futuro. In tale ottica, il Premio vuole mettere in luce particolarmente quei giovani nelle cui narrazioni sia avvertibile il desiderio di libertà.
Giunto all'ottava edizione, il Premio è sostenuto criticamente da una giuria formata da note personalità della letteratura. L'intento è far sì che i giovani letterati più meritevoli possano entrare in contatto con i settori intellettualmente più vivaci del mondo letterario italiano e russo. Il Premio garantisce oltre che un riconoscimento economico anche la pubblicazione delle migliori opere in un prestigioso volume antologico bilingue.

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 20 Gennaio 2017

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Call for Papers per il 3° numero della rivista Annali di Ca' Foscari. Serie Occidentale

Organizzatore: Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali comparati

Nel dicembre del 2015 è uscito il primo numero della rivista Annali di Ca' Foscari. Serie Occidentale in formato digitale. Nata nel 1962, la rivista che è l'espressione del Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati, ha carattere internazionale e accoglie i contributi di qualificati studiosi italiani e stranieri, nonché i lavori di giovani studiosi. Gli Annali usciranno in formato elettronico e saranno accessibili in open access sul sito delle Edizioni Ca' Foscari. In continuità con la tradizione, gli Annali di Ca' Foscari affiancheranno ai miscellanei numeri monografici, volti all'approfondimento di singoli campi d'indagine. La "Serie Occidentale" della rivista ha due distinte sezioni: una linguistica che ospiterà contributi di teoria linguistica, linguistica delle varie lingue (inclusa la lingua dei segni), linguistica applicata, glottodidattica, linguistica computazionale, linguistica sincronica e diacronica e insegnamento di lingue straniere e una sezione di letteratura, cultura, storia e sociologia che ospiterà contributi sulle lingue, letterature, culture e storia dei paesi europei, delle Americhe e delle civiltà postcoloniali. La sezione di letteratura, cultura, storia e sociologia vi invita a far pervenire un contributo per il terzo numero in uscita nell'autunno 2017.


  • 15 gennaio 2017: invio abstract, profilo bio-bibliografico e quattro parole chiave, in italiano e in inglese;
  • 28 febbraio 2017: invio contributo;
  • Pubblicazione del numero 3 della rivista: autunno 2017

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Call for papers per la conferenza internazionale "Zjawisko nomadyzmu w kulturze, literaturze i komunikacji językowej"

Data: 26-27 Giugno 2017
Luogo: Olsztyn
Organizzatore: Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski - Instytut Dziennikarstwa i Komunikacji Społecznej, Centrum Badań Europy Wschodniej

Przedmiotem dyskusji będą dyskursy nomadyczne, a w szczególności trzy sfery funkcjonowania zasady nomadyzmu: konceptualna, strukturalna i obrazowa. Zjawisko powtarzalności tematów i konstrukcji fabularnych w literaturze i komunikacji jest znane od dawna, choć we współczesnej komunikacji, częściowo dzięki internetowi, a częściowo pod wpływem medytacyjnego stylu postmodernizmu zasada interakcyjnego konstruowania dyskursów uległa nasileniu. W związku z tym potrzebne jest przedstawienie różnych punktów widzenia oraz otwarta dyskusja specjalistów w zakresie filozofii, antropologii, semiotyki, literaturoznawstwa, tekstologii, lingwistyki tekstu, dyskursologii, komunikologii, folklorystyki i in. o statusie, treści i formach dyskursów nomadycznych. Konferencja, której celem jest koordynacja badań naukowych w zakresie dyskursów iteratywnych, demonstracja nowych koncepcji oraz heurystyk badawczych, wymiana idei i planowanie wspólnych projektów naukowo-badawczych (z udziałem specjalistów z różnych krajów), da możliwość omówienia kilku aktualnych problemów naukowych (których lista jest otwarta, takich jak:

  • nomadologia jako kierunek międzydyscyplinarnych badań humanistycznych; nomadyzm jako zasada filozoficzna, kulturowa i symboliczna
  • nomadologia jako element ogólnej problematyki filozofii postmodernizmu: „rizoma” w koncepcji G. Deleuze’a i F. Guattari’ego
  • dyskursy nomadyczne jako zjawisko kultury i komunikacji społecznej; fenomeny nomadyczne oraz cykle kulturowe; projekcje i incydenty
  • iteracja, rekursja, analogia, projekcja jako zasady tworzenia dyskursu/tekstu
  • motywy/toposy wędrowne/obiegowe w kulturze, literaturze, folklorze, sztuce, psychoanalizie, komunikacji społecznej, języku (kalki, metafory, przysłowia i in.)
  • transdyscyplinarne, transtemporalne oraz transkulturowe obrazy nomadyczne (człowiek-wilk, drzewo życia, życie jako droga i in.)
  • fenomeny nomadyczne w nauce: paralelne odkrycia
  • typologia iteratywności: parodia, aluzja, parafraza, naśladowanie, analogia, trawestacja, translacja i in.
  • aluzyjny charakter literatury postmodernizmu: intertekstualność, palimpsest, apelacja
  • iteratywność a wariantywność dyskursu; granice wariantywności
  • plagiat jako fenomen nomadyczny oraz jego aspekty psychologiczne, prakseologiczne i prawne
  • cytat jako fenomen tekstu i kultury; cytat a metafora
  • konteksty kulturowe iteratywności tekstowej; historia motywów wędrownych.

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 30 Dicembre 2016

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Call for papers per la conferenza internazionale SLOVKO 2017

Data: 23-25 Ottobre 2017
Luogo: Bratislava
Organizzatore: Slovak National Corpus Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics, SAS, Bratislava

The conference is aimed at presenting natural language processing, corpus linguistics, terminology, e-terminology and e-terminography, e-lexicography, grammar corpus-based or corpus-driven research, analysis and description of language resources relevant to less researched languages, application of existing approaches to less researched languages, machine translation, tools for linguistic text analysis, parallel corpora, creation and use of language resources, linguistic databases and networks, spoken and dialect corpora, speech analysis and synthesis.

Informazioni al link

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 30 Gennaio 2017

Call for Papers per la conferenza internazionale "Религия и Русская Революция"

Data: 26-28 Ottobre 2017
Luogo: Mosca
Organizzatore: Российская академия народного хозяйства и государственной службы (РАНХиГС,) Московская высшая школа социальных и экономических наук (МВШСЭН), Журнал «Государство, религия, церковь в России и за рубежом», Центр изучения религий РГГУ

Конференция, созываемая в год столетия Русской революции, рассмотрит сложные взаимосвязи между революционными событиями и идеями, с одной стороны, и религиозными процессами, институтами, идеями и опытом, с другой. Цели конференции – выявить наиболее важные, на сегодняшний день, тенденции в этой исследовательской области; показать новые результаты, связанные с введением в оборот новых массивов источников; сформулировать новые интерпретации, в соответствии со сменой теоретических и концептуальных парадигм.
Конференция является междисциплинарной: она обратится к материалам, относящимся к истории политических и религиозных институтов; к социологии процессов, связанных с религией; к осмыслению богословских, философских и художественных реакций на Революцию; к антропологии повседневных религиозных практик.
Хронологическим эпицентром конференции будет 1917 год, однако конференция исходит из более широкого толкования Революции, включая предреволюционный период (в частности, влияние I Мировой войны), так и весь период Гражданской войны и послереволюционный период начала 1920-х гг. Размышления о более долговременных судьбах религии после Революции также могут быть рассмотрены.
Конференция посвящена исследованиям различных религиозных традиций на территории Российской империи и СССР.

Scadenza per l'invio della domanda: 31 Dicembre 2016

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