Call for papers Convegno internazionale "L'autotraduzione come inclusione della diversità"

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Since the 2011 Bologna conference, the field of self-translation has received increasing attention, which resulted in the broadening of this research area. New approaches enriched what now has become an autonomous branch of Translation Studies, often referred to by scholars as Self- Translation Studies (Anselmi 2012, Lusetti 2018). This follow-up conference aims at approaching the phenomenon of self-translation from a fresh perspective, framing it in terms of the dynamics of diversity/identity and inclusion/exclusion. Indeed, as key aspects of translingualism, these socio- cultural elements play a significant role for self-translation.


Andrea Ceccherelli (Bologna University), Anthony Cordingley (Sydney University), Rainier Grutman (Ottawa University), Magdalena Heydel (Jagiellonian University in Cracow),  Eugenio Maggi (Bologna University)Roberto Mulinacci (Bologna University), Alessandro Niero (Bologna University), Paola Puccini (Bologna University), Francesco Vitucci (Bologna University), Alessandro Zironi (Bologna University)


Nadzieja Ba╠Ękowska (Bologna University), Andrea Ceccherelli (Bologna University), Guglielmo Gabbiadini (Bologna University),  Irina Marchesini (Bologna University) , Nahid Norozi (Bologna University) 

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